Write Day 184

It’s great day isn’t it? Have you eat your breakfast? Taking breakfast is one of best things to do in the morning. Okay skip this breakfast thing, today I will write what progress have I done last day. Sorry I am making this medium as my own personal diary :D.

First, I do the SEO of 10 products on my affiliate site. Look like this project have been gone too long and don’t have any profit. I think of, I won’t do the SEO for the last site. But, of course I will finish the SEO of this site first and today I will do SEO for 10 products. Then on another site, I will register the sitemap without do the SEO for the products.

I also take Udemy online course yesterday. I watch one part of video Discover your Energy Body. Today, I will take at least one more of it.

How about my client project? Well, it has been half month and the progress is little slow. But no worry, I keep made progress each day and yesterday I create 8 tables on the database. Today, I will make the progress of it again.

Yes, finally I start my run again even I fell not fit yet. I run for 10 minutes yesterday without heating first. After run I walk for 5 minutes and I don’t forget to drink a cup of milk. How about today?

At night, I also read one chapter of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. On this chapter I learn about how to have interest with people interest. People always think about himself so we can communicate better with other people when we talk about their interest. Well this is a good point of view.

Last, about writing my trip to Melaka. Well, yesterday it is so hard for me to start write this even to start the sentence. I think about “will this sentence great to open this write? or how about this”. Of course you know what happen, I even can’t completed one sentence. Then, I remember the lesson I learn from one of my online course on Udemy. I just write draft paragraph without thinking too much of it. I don’t care about the grammar, will it be boring write or not, I just write what on my mind. And you know what happen? I have done many paragraph on this write on just few minutes. It’s not finished yet and still in draft, but I made a lot of progress yesterday. Today of course I will continue to write this again.

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