Write Day 186

Hey morning again, still alive right? This morning I eat “Lontong Sayur” as breakfast. One word “Delicious”

Lontong Sayur

Okay let’s see what have I done yesterday. First, I managed to do the SEO of my affiliate site for 20 products. After that, I made the web design on my client project, but not finished yet.

Then, after office hour I have exercise for 20 minutes. This time I heating for 5 minutes, run for 10 minutes and walk for 5 minutes.

At night, I managed to read one more chapter of Dale Carnegie book about How to Win Friends and Influence People. On this chapter I learn about remember people name and call them with it with make them very appreciate it.

Then, I also watch 2 videos on Udemy. I take this course about Discover your Energy Body.

Last, I finishing editing grammar on my draft about my trip to Melaka.

Sorry to do this quickly, I have urgent job to do now. See ya.