Write Day 199 (Keep Track of My Progress on May)

Hey it’s June already. Are you felling great today? You must fell great and if you don’t then you must quickly fell great hahaha :D. I hope you accomplished so many thing until June this year. It’s almost half of year :p.

This morning, I have workout outside. I have running around the apartment I live in Jakarta. I fell great and fit, finally I start my run again :D. This is a great start for this month.

Last day, I still haven’t start my run, but today I do it. I have mention it above :p. Even I work at Jakarta, I still bring 2 books to read here and last night I managed to read one chapter of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. On this chapter I learn about how to negotiate with people better. We need to see on positive thing and make sure other people is right even we know it is wrong. Who doesn’t mad when you abuse them. Even if there wrong.

So is June already and I gonna see my progress on May. Okay, on May I managed to finish read 2 books.

  • First book is What’s Up with Introvert (Ada Apa dengan Introvert) by Rani Agias Fitri.
  • Second book is Limitless by Nick Vujicic.

Besides that, I also managed to finished 1 online course on Udemy. The course is about Discover your Energy Body and you can get it for free.

Then about my workout. I have done less workout on May. I only managed to do workout for 6 times. Maybe on May I travel a lot :D.

Well my progress on May has been less than previous month, but it is because I have trip to Malacca and Jakarta. So, I can’t keep up with my routine on that month. But, of course I still develop myself to the right direction :D. This is a habit I need to keep and do it for long term. I forget, I also keep my write habit until today. It’s has been my 199 write for daily journal in here :p.

Last, I need to do my report tomorrow, my games revenue and download report. Hope there are improvement on revenue :p. Okay see you tomorrow.

The quote for May is Never Judge. I learn this from reading Dale Carnegie book.