Write Day 239

Good morning, this morning the alarm ringing 5 minutes earlier. And do you know what happen? I turn off the alarm, then what? Do I continue to sleep? No sleep, just still laying down on the bed. It’s bad or good? Of course, it’s good, because I wake up from my bed 10 minutes later. Without fall asleep, even after my alarm is turn off, this is unusual. Good job for me! and what an achievement. Fell proud of yourself guys! :D

Back, to my daily journal. Last night after read The 7th Habits of Highly Effective People book by Stephen R. Covey on part 3 put the first thing first. I have changed my daily plan note to weekly plan note. Weekly is more efficient and effective than daily. Because, if your others thing interrupt your daily plan, it hard for you to catch up again, but if you change it to weekly plan, it’s will be more flexible. Let’s see the affect of this change on my life on few weeks later.

Besides that, after finished read part 3 of Stephen R. Covey book, I continued read 1Q84 book by Haruki Murakami.

Now, let’s see about my exercise. This is not physical exercise, it’s not about my run, I still not start it, but it about my free writing. Last day, I got this word “Resemblance”, it’s a new vocab for me, well English is not my native language. So, this word have synonym with similarity. It’s hard word as topic, but anyway I did it. One again good job for me :D.

To end this daily journal, last night I also managed to learn Udemy course about Chinese In 9 Weeks: Introduction Course. I have watch 9 videos on this course. Okay see you again tomorrow.

Celebrate your small victory