Write Day 256

It’s great morning and I have read one chapter of book. I got fried rice as breakfast and a cup of coffee. This are great gratitude things I got when my mom is here. My dad will come today and then, they will back to hometown at Monday.

Let’s see what amazing things have I done last day. First, I finished my third course for Udemy in July. I take part 40 until 46. This Apache Kafka Series — Learning Apache Kafka for Beginners is the course I take for office work. I planned to take the advanced course after this.

Then, I got “Hierarchy” word as topic on my free writing. Well, this topic ended up with government and TAX. Hahaha, not much to tell here. Anyway, I do this exercise on handwritten.

At night, I read 3 chapters of 1Q84 book volume III. I have read chapter 16 until 18. The author of this book is Haruki Murakami and I can say he is now my favorite writer for fiction book.

Okay, that’s what great things I do on 28th July 2017.