Write Day 288

This is gonna be busy transfer market before deadline. All the rumor are spreading about Lemar and VVD. Even they monitoring the van :D. Well, Liverpool subreddit is a fresh place to go and read :p.

Anyway, this morning I have reviewed and edited my book. It’s great to do this at morning. I drink a cup of coffee while doing it. Great thing to do to start my day.

After that, I have finished section 4 of The Complete Game Developer course — Build 60 Games. Great, now I need to use my creative brain to make idea for this section. I think about making a survival game. Actually this game mechanic is the same as the game I made before, Zombie Attack.

I also finished section 6 and 7 of The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course. I learned about array, list, hashmap and how to do function on Kotlin. It’s great to learn the basic of programming again. I have learned and more understood after taken this course.

Last, I have finished chapter 11th of Susan Cain book about introvert. The book is Quiet. I have finished all chapter of this book, except the conclusion part and note by the author. Great, it will be the third book I finished this month. Time to read my native language book again.