Write Day 289

I have started this morning with reviewed and edited my book. I used Focuswriter app to do it and a cup of coffee to made it better. Besides that, I have washed dishes which I will do too after this. Tomorrow morning, I am planning to review and edit my book again.

It’s busy day at office today. But, I still managed too completed one online course on section 8th. I learned about OOP theory on The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course part 42. OOP is object oriented programming. Continue learn section 8th is also my plan for tomorrow.

Finally, I have finished my third book for this month. What a great book by the author, Susan Cain. The book about the power of introvert in a world that can’t stop talking. Quiet is a great book for introvert. And also for extrovert too, to understand introvert point of view.

I have choose the next book to read tomorrow. Ops, I am not doing my run yet this week. Also haven’t wake up at 6 AM as my target. “I can do it!”.

Then, I have got my idea for the game mechanic I learned. This is a survival game. A spaceship that must destroy rock around galaxy. The game is called Galaxy Survival. I also made progress toward this game. I have added the spaceship, rock and background assets. I also modified the particle effect to suit this game theme. I will continue doing this again tomorrow.