Write Day 371

It’s fell like been a long time since I write here. And when I look at the title, Wow!. It has been more than one year I write here. Did I improve a lot on my writing? Who knows. I just know I write more a lot and there are progress. Slow but sure.

Yesterday, I am watched Liverpool match and it is a great win from the boys even we only fill one center back. It’s a weird line ups, but with the injury we have on the back line; we must fill the midfield there. We started slowly prior to opponent defensive display. Then Emre Can score from the corner! yes I said it again from the corner! assisted by Coutinho. Then another one just 1 or 2 minutes later from a great counter attack goal by Firmino and assisted by Coutinho again. After that, the opponent just couldn’t put the defensive performance again. At the end we win 5–1 with Mane not even play in the bench. Great win and we can now focus on the last match at Champions League group.

Before that, I also read one sub chapter of Marie Kondo book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This sub chapter write about sort things by categories not by location, because we tend to put same thing on different location. So, it is better sort by categories or we will do the work twice or more.

In the morning, I have done the report for download and revenue for my game. Both of them have increase on November. It is because the game I made before is the big viral issue on my country. Of course, now the issue have calm down and I think this month the download gonna be decrease if I don’t do anything.

Last, I have made draft to write for my trip on Vietnam. I also bought a domain for 5 years and ready to buy a Wordpress theme for this site. That would be the agenda for my work today.