5 Simple SEO Tips To Rank News Website

Optimizing news websites

Seo has certainly paved the way for a complete revolution in the age of digital technology. Optimizing your website is the most efficient to increase and drive traffic towards your website, that much is a certainty. Seo, therefore, emphasizes on providing a universal experience to your website at the fullest. But there are some peculiar details that don’t work the same way whilst optimizing a news website.

Optimizing a news website is a different ball game than optimizing a normal website. There are some of the points that need to be taken into consideration since there are a couple of elements involved that function differently than usual.

Best tips for ranking the News Websites

We would be looking at some of the vital points which are required to be taken into consideration whilst using SEO for news websites.

These points are listed out as follows,

1. Construct a captivating content into your approach

Assume that your news website needs to cover some content about timely subjects. The stuff that the writer will cover one a timely subject would have a very limited life span in 99% of the cases. Since the subject’s frenzy would occur on a specific period of time, the traffic spike rates would be high only for that moment of time, no more. The end result would be that the article would remain buried in the heaps of so many like yours.

Adding a captivating amount of content on that subject can work wonders in this case, since that would stay relevant and useful for a longer period of time. Using this kind of information on your website would enable a steady amount of traffic into the website. There have been proven reports that having evergreen content on timely subjects have spiked the ratings through the roof instead of getting stagnant over time. This is an approach that can be followed.

2. Headlining your content on google news

This is the most vital point and it needs to be followed diligently if you want to have your article gain the number of views and visitors it needs. Google news is something that is viewed across the world and it is every news readers’ go-to medium for the latest information. First, you would need to check up on the content guidelines so that it matches up to google’s criterion. The next thing that you can do is to check upon the technical guidelines so that crawling into your website becomes easy.

After everything is said and done, you can then submit your website for Google's approval. The estimated amount of time it takes for your site’s approval would take about 21 days or earlier. Post this, you would be able to produce some good content which will accordingly be viewed by millions who access the website.

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3. Having a pristine build of the website

The need for a pristine architecture is tantamount for SEO to function properly on the news website. The need for this is owing to the fact that news websites are ever-changing and constantly evolving. Your website should be easily accessible to the users and for your search engine crawlers as well.

The users need to have multiple tags in place and various categories for the readers to find what they need. But this should only be if your website has a lot of content and is constantly getting updated. Site depth is a factor that also needs to be in your to-do list because it checks the total number of clicks from your homepage to the destination page i.e. Your website.

Another aspect that can be added to the website would be the inclusion of pagination at the bottom of every page. Pagination separates the print or digital content into separate pages and adds sequential numbers to identify the order.

4. Mobile usability

Smartphones are in vogue these days and there are a great many numbers of users out there who access news from it. The practice of desktop-based websites for viewing the news is long extinct now, which is why news channels prefer to have their own applications for smartphones. Therefore, the news websites in mobile mode should be responsive and should fit the screen irrespective of the size.

The users can also include accelerated mobile pages that are developed by Google to counter Facebook's instant articles. It is focused on removing the excessive formatting and also making the pages load quicker with less amount of hassles. This ensures that mobile sites are tested properly.

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5. Crawl speed optimization

If you need to get your content to Google as fast as possible, then your website needs to be crawled fast enough. There are a number of factors that could amplify the crawl speed which also includes multiple other factors including site speed, hosting performance and XML sitemaps.

The sitemaps for a news website is very different than the one used for normal websites. The primary thing to be considered is that there should be less than 1000 URLs in the sitemap. More can be added but you would need to be wary about it.

The news sitemap should be constantly updated with fresh content since that would be advantageous for the Googlebot. Plus, it would only contain the news for 2 days.

Use non-google plugins for creating your sitemap. If you are using google’s sitemap generator, it would contain URLs that are irrelevant to your site’s news articles.

Most importantly, it is vital that the posted content is a practical one and of value and Googlebot lays emphasis on those.


In terms of functionality, configuring the news websites is way different than the normal ones. Some of these important pointers give you a detailed overview of the things that need to be done and those that need not be done. Having a better-optimized news website could be a bit trickier than usual, but the right amount of tweaks would definitely help you along the way.