UPDATE: Postponing the HODL token sale to upgrade the fund

Some months ago, when HODL Fund was just a sketch, we launched the first landing page to gather interest and receive early feedback while in stealth mode. More than 1000 email sign-ups, almost 300 members in our Telegram group and 30 pre-sale leads later, we have decided to halt the HODL token sale and put the ICO off. At the moment we are in talks to merge our project with another team that is more experienced and loves our concept, software and branding.

The last weeks we have been busy preparing the token sale, building the software behind the scenes and marketing the fund. We are very proud of our accomplishments. The revamped landing page is up and running, the smart-contract is ready to be deployed and the internal trading engine is almost finished. The whitepaper is quite complete, although we need to add the formatted backtesting data. We have already completed the KYC procedure with most of our potential pre-sale investors. We have received lots of messages from people telling us how much they are keen on HODL.

Nevertheless, we have received several suggestions and some criticisms too. Whilst we have been taking into account this feedback as much as possible when building the product, we have realized that it would be much better to delay the ICO and have time to rebuild from scratch certain aspects of the HODL Fund. Our team has been criticized for not being experienced enough. Although we have been always very transparent about that matter and pointed out that we were more like a startup which would be able to move faster than our bigger competitors, we are already in talks to incorporate financial and legal experts to our team. We need more time. Also, we have noticed that our website is organically improving its SEO, so we believe that if we wait we will be in the first page of the relevant keywords search. The pre-sale investors who had already completed the KYC procedure will remain verified, but we won’t keep any funds.

Finally, we thank all the people who have joined our mailing list and Telegram group for all the feedback they have provided, whether positive or negative. We encourage all of you to stay tuned and don’t leave our community, which we will award with early access when the ICO is ready. We won’t ‘spam’ until further notice of the token sale, we promise.

The HODL Fund team