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Feb 12 · 3 min read

We recently released our API, and it allows everyone to fully manage their contracts at Hodl Hodl through the application programming interface.

Our API simplifies the trading process by allowing every user to trade without having to go to a website. All users can access the API in the “API Access” tab in the “profile settings” section.

As mentioned in Jimmy Songs’ recent blog post: “Hodlhodl has released a full API for use with their marketplace. For people around the world that no longer have access to localbitcoins, this is the main alternative. The API should make it much easier to create markets on top of their local peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading service. This leverages the networking effect of a single service with the localization of region-specific apps. This seems like a no-brainer for any aspiring technical Bitcoin entrepreneur who wants more Bitcoin liquidity in their region.”

There are many different use cases for our API, and in this post we cover some of the most important use cases, for both us and our users:

  • Automating trading

Many traders prefer to automate their P2P trading processes, and our API enables this. Every user can conduct their trades through the API, without visiting the website. Furthermore, you can automatically adjust your offers’ prices, and other attributes, to ensure you’re at the very top of the offer list (we sort the offer list by price, showing the best deals at the top).

  • Extensions of our service

Our API is a useful tool for the continued development of our project. The API has already helped us develop our own Telegram Notifications bot, which allows our users to instantly receive notifications about their trades on Hodl Hodl. In the near future, through the help of our API, we plan to develop more exciting features and to continue to improve our users’ experience.

  • Integrations

Our API allows us to integrate with a variety of platforms, such as mobile devices, desktops, hardware wallets, exchanges, offer aggregators, other market tools, and more. Through our API, many different services are able to show offers from our platform to their customers, and allow them to perform trades without visiting our website.

At Hodl Hodl we are already in the process of integrating with several different services, for example:

  • BlueWallet — a Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for iOS and Android that is going to integrate Bitcoin trading through our trading platform.
  • Yadio — a BTC market search tool and provider of free-market exchange rates, is now showing offers from Hodl Hodl on its website.

More integrations and partnerships are coming soon!

Interested in integrating Hodl Hodl into your services?

  • Please read the documentation: hodlhodl.com/api/docs.
  • Contact us if you have any questions, or need any help at all.
  • If integrating Hodl Hodl into your service is complex, requires special attention, or any new features — please contact us directly at support@hodlhodl.com and explain your use case in detail, and we can schedule a call to discuss the details.

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