Freedom week at Hodl Hodl starts Monday, the 2nd of December

Hodl Hodl
Hodl Hodl
Nov 28 · 2 min read

Announcing the next Liquidity week, starting Monday the 2nd of December.

Next week, we are holding a well known initiative, during which we actively focus on making Hodl Hodl as liquid as possible. This Liquidity week is dedicated to Lebanese traders. In order to support Lebanon citizens during the tough economic period, we invite every local person to try out our exchange, stack some sats, and benefit from Bitcoin in any way possible.

What is Liquidity week?

Liquidity week is basically an initiative we launched, where we will:

  • Do our best to complete the entire offer book
  • Incentivize traders to participate by reducing the exchange fee to 0.3% for every trade

Trade on-chain and on the Lightning network

At Hodl Hodl you can buy & sell bitcoins both on Bitcoin’s main network and the Lightning Network — and there are two different exchange modes for this.

To change the exchange mode, click the Lightning or Bitcoin icon at the top of the site. Each exchange mode’s trade workflow and technical nuances differ slightly, but on the surface they’re the same:

  1. The contract is created for buyer and seller;
  2. Seller deposits bitcoins from his wallet.
  3. Buyer pays the seller according to the agreed upon payment method;
  4. Seller releases bitcoins directly to the buyer’s wallet.

That’s it, Hodl Hodl provides you with the opportunity to buy & sell Bitcoin for any other currency, using any payment method, in any country in the world.


In case you need help in understanding how our exchange works, or if you have any questions related to Lightning contracts at Hodl Hodl, we are always ready to help you:

Telegram group:

Bringing Bitcoin to Lebanon

We would like to highlight that this initiative is dedicated to Lebanese traders. The main belief that we hold at Hodl Hodl, is that everyone deserves financial freedom, and as a reminder of this we are holding an initiative called freedom week.

Moreover, we are now partnering with Bitcoin Du Liban to provide tools for exploring Bitcoin and buying and selling it on the local market. See more information on their website.

Please share this, and invite everyone to participate. Remember that referral payouts are increased up to 40%!

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Hodl Hodl

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