Hodl Hodl announces OTC trading desk and brokerage company Tenbagger

We are proud to announce our OTC trading desk!

From now on, Hodl Hodl, in partnership with our EU licensed broker Tenbagger, will match and guide counter-parties, allowing you to buy and sell bitcoins with same day settlement, at the most competitive rates.

There has been a vibrant OTC Bitcoin trading market operating in parallel to the existing exchanges, but none of them are offering non-custodial escrow services for cryptocurrencies which would eliminate the risk of losing funds.

Hodl Hodl has developed non-custodial cryptocurrency escrow that leverages the full potential of Bitcoin’s blockchain, and ensures the highest level of security. For each trade, we create a unique multisig escrow account on Bitcoin’s blockchain, ensuring transparency and the highest level of security.

This also doesn’t affect our current operations. We are still non-KYC/AML non-custodial P2P exchange suitable for any type of trade — small or large. We are sticking with our original plan to help people buy Bitcoin/Litecoin in an easy and secure way.

Why choose OTC trading with us?

- Secure transactions

- Competitive rates

- Same day settlement

- Private and personalized trading experience

- 24/7 personalized support

To contact us: