Hodl Hodl & L2B Global partnership

Hodl Hodl
Hodl Hodl
Feb 8 · 1 min read

Dear Hodlers,

Today we are proud to announce our partnership with premier Bitcoin liquidity provider “L2B Global” — a company that mainly operates in North America and Europe, which will help us increase both liquidity and the number of trusted traders at Hodl Hodl.

About L2B Global

L2B Global offers bespoke Bitcoin brokerage services to individuals and corporate clients seeking to diversify their portfolio. Headquartered in the EU and fully licensed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, L2BG operates across multiple markets focusing on North America and the Schengen Area. The company prides itself on being a Bitcoin-only OTC desk, which allows the team to dedicate their workflow fully to the currency that promises to establish itself as the next global reserve asset.

Offers to buy and sell from our partners

can be found at hodlhodl.com, with the following list of payment methods:

  • SEPA

in amounts that range from €10 000 to €100 000.

Reach us


Hodl Hodl

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Hodl Hodl

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