Hodl Hodl launches Liquidity week on the 14th of Aug

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Hodl Hodl is launching a Liquidity week, coming this Wednesday, on the 14th of August, 2019.


We recently launched a monthly initiative called Lightning trading weeks, which took place on the 24th of July.

Now, we’re launching a so called “Liquidity week”, dedicated to every trading pair at Hodl Hodl, and the trades can occur both on-chain or on the Lightning network.

We invite everyone to participate and share this information about the initiative at hodlhodl.com, which will happen between the 14th and 21st of August. If this initiative is a success, we’ll consider holding it on a regular basis.

What is Liquidity week

Liquidity week is basically an initiative we launched, during which we will:

  • Do our best to complete the entire offer book
  • Incentivize traders to participate by reducing the exchange fee to 0.3% for every trade

Offer list

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P exchange, and currently there are more than 1000 offers at hodlhodl.com.

  • Countries

Offers are created and tied to the location of different parts of the world, ranging from Baltic countries to China, Venezuela, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom and many more.

  • Currencies

As we support every fiat currency in the world & many of the cryptocurrencies (which you can exchange to Bitcoin with us), there are many different currencies used in offers, with the most popular being USD, EUR, GBP and RUB.

  • Payment methods

We support more than 210 payment methods, and every user on the exchange may propose new payment methods. Currently, the most popular payment methods are SWIFT, SEPA & in person (cash trades).

In case you can’t find a suitable offer for yourself, everyone can create their own offers, with their own conditions, price, payment methods and currency — it’s completely free & nothing is needed for this, besides the account at Hodl Hodl.

Trade on-chain and on the Lightning network

At Hodl Hodl you can buy & sell bitcoins both on Bitcoin’s main network and the Lightning network — and there are two different exchange modes for this.

To change the exchange mode, click the Lightning or Bitcoin icon at the top of site. Each exchange mode’s trade workflow and technical nuances differ slightly, but on the surface it’s the same:

  1. The contract is created for buyer and seller;
  2. Seller deposits bitcoins from his wallet.
  3. Buyer pays the seller according to the agreed upon payment method;
  4. Seller releases bitcoins directly to the buyers wallet.

That’s it, Hodl Hodl provides you the opportunity to buy & sell Bitcoin for any other currency, using any payment method, in any country in the world.

Help us

For anyone who wants to help us hold this initiative during the week, we offer you special conditions for creating offers & inviting people to participate.

To get more information, reach us by any convenient means of communication.


In case you need any help understanding how our exchange works, or if you have any questions related to Lightning contracts at Hodl Hodl, we are always ready to help you:

E-mail: support@hodlhodl.com

Telegram group: @hodlhodl

Also, please share this, and invite everyone to participate. Let’s increase adoption of the Lightning Network, not only within the community, but beyond it as well!

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