Calisthenics: Street Workout — My First Videography Project

From strangers to brothers. ~ Calisthenics.

Technology has made it easier to make videos with a smartphone, a tablet or a video camera. Everyone can do it but to execute the concept and bring it alive on the screen is entirely different thing and requires some creativity and skill sets.

For the past two years, I have been doing a lot of mind searching to identify my strength. I have been good in concept, idea, planning, strategy and tactical but weak in execution. It was a difficult task for me to convey my concept or idea to another person.

Making video about a product or service is essential in content development and social media marketing for businesses, especially startups. So, film making is an efficient and important marketing communication tool to deliver your message to the audience.

I have been involved in calisthenics for a while and I find it an excellent fitness workout program which uses every muscles in you body. About late last year, I began to make friends with the members of Kaloosthenoz, a small group of calisthenics enthusiasts who never fail to show up at the park every day. Immediately, from strangers, we became friends and then brothers. These are beautiful people who help, motivate and support each other in workout.

In January, I came up an idea with a theme: “Street Workout In Street Clothes”. I spoke to many people outside of the calisthenics group and then began developing the concept for the video.

The main idea is to deliver a message that everyone can workout in any attires, anytime and anywhere. What excuses can you give for not to workout?

In the process of making this video, I learned to coordinate the execution, lead the team, work together with my teammates and listen to their suggestions. The most valuable moments during the filming process are the fun, laughter and teamwork with one goal: “To make the video a success.”

The video is posted to Kalossthenoz’s channel on YouTube. Give us your “Like” if you enjoy our spirit and come down to the park if you are in Malacca. Subscribe to the channel for more videos to come.

The video on YouTube has garnered 201 views, 23 likes and 12 subscribers in five days after its publication. It is rather encouraging for a start though.

I also posted the video at my Vimeo channel and you can take a look here:

So! What are you waiting for? Let’s start workout. Forgot to bring your sports attire? No worries. You can workout in office wear or street clothes. Just hit the floor and start pushing up.

Video was shot in 4K mode using 9.7″ iPad Pro, edited with DaVinci Resolve.

Originally published at on March 27, 2017.