New MacBook Pro is not a Laptop for Developers Anymore. Part 1
Alexey Semeney

This is an overreaction. When someone takes away the old things which people are used to for years, they screech. Same thing happened when iPhone was first launched. People wanted physical keyboard like the Blackberry. Where are those people now?

TaskBar is a brilliant idea! Nope, the ESC and Fn keys are still there. The only different is, it will go away and be substituted with other keys or functions when you run apps which support TaskBar. Jonny boy said: “The TaskBar is easily accessible and customizable.”

Seriously, I have configured some Fn keys in my Keyboard preference for years and I still cannot remember what which Fn key for the function I want to use. I have to open my Keyboard preference to check. TaskBar is going to be really helpful.

I wonder, if Alexey has had a hands-on experience with the physical unit of new MBP? Or just the emotional attachment? I personally think that, it’s unfair to yelp at Apple and their new MBP by watching the launch video. Get hands on, have some weeks of experience using it, then write a review.

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