My General Ideas:

I started with the ideas from the first group brainstorming session, then my sessions, finally my organized group session.

New warm up game:

The new warm up games I made was specific for my meeting at Surly Brewing. I knew we would be sitting around a table in a public space, so I first combined Zip, Zap, Zop with Wordball and Associations.

  • one person points to another and says random word
  • that person points and says random word, points
  • person has to label the two words (like improve game we played)

Word Circle:

  • Round 1 unassociated words
  • Round 2 associated words
  • go around in circle and say word as fast as possible
  • take a sip and start over if you associate words in round 1, say unassociated words in round 2, are banking words in your head, or take too long

Note: All participants are over 21 years of age

Session Organization:

I brought together my friend Liesl, her boyfriend Will, her friend Andrea, and a random, kind woman from Iowa we found at the bar, who happens to work in the health field, named Evelyn. I was having so much fun that by the time I remembered I had to take a picture Will had already left, so here are the girls and I pictured below. We met at Surly Brewing Company, it’s a beautiful, high-ceiling building with metal and wood. It’s a cozy place for being so big and busy.

We first played the combo game described above and WordCircle, which was almost too much fun. Then we got to brainstorming, which lasted about 25 minutes. Everyone was a good sport, here’s a little about them:


  • currently Psychiatric Associate at U of M Medical Center
  • graduated with Individualized Degree in Quality of Life and Integrative Therapies from U of M
  • creative and artistic individual


  • currently pursuing Environmental Studies at U of M
  • has no experience with healthcare or product design


  • currently pursing “Holistic Kin Major” at U of M
  • neuroscience minor
  • coach for sports psychology
  • future orthotics/prosthetics practioner


  • working at University of Iowa Health Clinic
  • primary care provider for inpatients
  • received undergraduate major in Health and Human Physiology
  • received Master’s of Health Administration degree

Although everyone was told about the prompt beforehand, 3/4 people only came up with three ideas during the entire brainstorming session, which led to much fewer ideas than I had hoped. I suggested prompts such as ‘pick an injury and go from there’, ‘choose a character to pretend to be’, but it didn’t seem to help much. We came up with 33 total ideas, making the IPM 1.3 ideas per minute between the 5 of us.

Sorting and Voting:

We did the sorting and voting right at the table after our brainstorming session. Once they were sorted by similar concepts, everyone drew stars on their favorite ideas.

Wearable Gear (left) and Physical Therapy Motivation (right)
Games and Fun-Emphasized Activities (left) and External Training Devices (right)

Top Ideas:

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