One thing I know, One thing I believe, One thing I doubt.

I know that everyone is different, everyone thinks different and that’s okay. I won’t agree with everything someone says but if I can keep an open mind I can try to better understand people and learn more about them.

I believe that I am a very lucky person. I am fortunate everyday to have as much food as I want, to have as great of friends that I have, as well as my amazing family. I am so lucky to be born how am I and I am very thankful for that

I doubt that God is real. I feel like I have just out grown the idea of God and Jesus. In my mind I see God as a Santa Clause for adults, he gives people hope, faith but for me it just doesn’t seem logical to have a person in the sky trying to read everyone’s mind and help them or not. My friends and family believe in God and I don’t think they’re stupid or wrong I just personally don’t believe what they do but that’s okay because I still love them and care for them and I try to use God to help them with their problems even though I don’t personally believe in him.

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