Join the BigQuery BBQ challenge: Soon in a city near you

First stop: Dallas, February 16th

We want to celebrate the new BigQuery sandbox mode (get started for free, no credit card needed) with a series of events to challenge your data analysis and visualization skills. Starting February 16th, in Dallas.

Announced cities

Dallas, Feb 16th 2019

RSVP for the BigQuery BBQ (select the checkbox at the very bottom of the ticket checkout page) and you’ll be able to cook up some exciting data insights over delicious BBQ and win prizes. Join Google Developer Advocates, Felipe Hoffa and Minhaz Kazi, to solve our data challenge contest with public datasets available in BigQuery.

Sign up here.

More to be announced

We are just getting started — we’ll be announcing more here and within your city’s communities. But to get started right now, just start querying and sharing your results: