Want to change the world? Go to prison.
Levi Belnap

Yes, I can agree with the sentiment, go to a prison… but you will find that it changes your world the most. I have volunteered as a facilitator for Alternatives to Violence Project for over 21 years at a MD state prison. I consider some of these men (many “lifers”) to be some of my most profoundly thoughtful and caring friends. The ones I work with most are the “inside” facilitators, together we give 3 day workshops, support meetings and hold facilitator meetings. I will not write another article about my experience(not my place here). But I will say it is very rewarding to offer support to a marginalized group of our population and you come away with much more than you take in (as in all my volunteer work). If you want to read a good book about the state of USA incarceration, I would recommend “Locked In” by John Pfaff. He runs through the whole list of the “Standard Prison Story” and debunks many myths that surround our out-of control dysfunctional system. There are many opportunities to lend a helping hand and heart, if you can, just do it! You will not regret it.

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