What I Learned: Week 2 Fantasy Football

Week 1 was devastating. Back in action and ready for redemption, I lost to my brother by 9.75 points.

Carlos Hyde sat on my bench Monday night and scored 10 more points than Latavius Murray. I could’ve — I should’ve won.

Well, week 2 was a different story. I did win, and I was battling for the highest point total during Sunday Night Football. Even this week, like every week, there was something to learn.

This week I feel like I really struck the cadence of sticking with my guys versus playing the match ups. Boy was the week leading up to this Sunday hard. But boy did I nail it.

I was very disappointed by Dez Bryant last week. So much so that I had considered sitting him down. And when so many people on Twitter were asking me if they should do the same, I didn’t know what to tell them. Until I did.

I had decided, you know what? No, we don’t sit him. I asked everyone on Twitter to just give him another week. If he bombed this week, then we would seriously talk about benching him. Dez responded.

Was it the Dez we want? Not quite but 7 catches for more than 100 yards should be enough to hold us over for a bit. I would’ve liked to see him find the end zone, but still a solid game. Sometimes you’ve just got to stick with your guys.

On the flip side, I completely flipped the script at the RB position. Week 1 I started Latavius Murray and Ameer Abdullah, who fared pretty well. This week, however, I gave Matt Forte and Melvin Gordon the call. That paid off nicely.

I even called out on Twitter for you all to start Forte. With Woodhead going down, Gordon’s stock is only going up.

Fantasy Football is a game of peaks and valleys. Hitting on the peaks and finding ways to avoid, or get out of, the valleys will get you to the playoffs.

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