Chelsea Handler: ‘We Have a Problem with Women Supporting Women’
Thrive Global

It is sexist to assume that I should vote for someone based on gender. I vote on policy, ending the ACA mandate was of utmost importance to me while walking into the voting booth. American manufacturing, necessary correction in course at the USDA away from radical animal rights , to actual animal welfare. Should I go on Ms Handler? There are hundreds of individual policies I could name that I disagree with ANY Democrat on. As a woman of mixed ethnicity I could not care less what color anyone is, orange oompa loompa looking people included. I am a woman, I am a mother, I left the Democratic party in 2012 because they went too far left, and I voted for Donald Trump. The E mails were just a side show that was a constant reminder of the type of people that are promoted by the party I used to belong to. Both sides have their problems and scandal, the democrats take it to an entirely whacked out level.

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