Be With Me

Be With Me exude a cautious optimism with its look at the underbelly of society, weaving together stories of the lonely and the rejected in their bittersweet search for love and companionship.

Inspired by the true story of Theresa Chan, Eric Khoo wraps her autobiography around three strangers whose destiny intertwine. In one, a social worker tries to encourage his father to move on from the death of his wife with an adaptation of Theresa Chan’s biography that he was working on. A teenage girl lives in agony as her lover ignores her. An awkward security guard tries to work up his courage to express his love to this lady he meets at his workplace.

The recurring theme of love and companionship is put to the test by the social status of the characters that gets in the way. Should love be reciprocated only with people of the same standing? And where love fail, can companionship?

And as we see the struggle of this character, they run in parallel to the life story of Theresa Chan, one about the love for life. Faced with impairment brought on in her early life, this segment showcase her reflection of overcoming obstacles and. seizing opportunities.

Essentially a two part story, Eric Khoo juxtaposed two genre, one of autobiography and fictional narrative, into a powerfully subtle look at the everyday. man trying to overcome the extraordinary challenge of life. Other than providing high drama in its intertwining story, it suggest the universality of everyone’s predicament, giving an encouraging optimism on how to manoeuvre around it.