Don’t overlook the quiet voices and contributions
Dan Kim

Dan, Your suggestions/tips are excellent, but, there are not going to happen! To climb the corporate ladder, requires the ability to sell ideas, vision, resolve conflicts, and convince the team to march in certain direction. To achieve this, the person needs to sell ideas to teams in small and large settings, repeat the message over and over again, cut people off in meetings to sell his/her point of view, defend their points of view, exaggerate contributions, and so on. That is the reason, in most cases, the upper management are usually extrovert, smart and talk a lot. As a good example, regardless of if you are for or against Trump, hard to argue that he is big talker. He the boss!

I have been in your shoes, and truly can say that I understand. My advice is that the sooner you accept the reality, the better your life will be. The best advice I got from my manager 20 years ago was, “get out of your fucking shell”. I was livid at the time, but looking back, it was the best advice I got. Get comfortable speaking out and defend your ideas, sometimes you may be wrong, brush it off, and move on.

Thank you, very good article.


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