The presence of an online real estate change or smartphone when apps like Airbnb, Expedia and other similar websites and online services are all useful to some people but to be honest, this service only benefits the owner. and imposes a high percentage of fees or commissions.

There is a market space for something more advanced, more authentic, simpler, more transparent, lower cost or commission. This long-awaited product type is here, I’ll share with you a great real estate platform that can solve all the long process hurdles involved in buying, selling and leasing real estate.

The platform implements its own protocol, responsible for data distribution and mirroring, logs document history, distributed data storage, arbitration and reputation on decentralized networks. The rest is implemented in the form of the Ethereum smart contract and implemented by EVM: DAO Family, the proposed voting, escrow, core and token property, lease agreements and complementary contracts. The ATLANT protocol provides a bridge connecting ATLANT networks with Ethereum-based smart contract infrastructure on the ATLANT Platform.

ATLANT Platform

ATLANT Platform is developed as an open source framework with P2P network and tokenized property of assets. Ethereal platform, independent platform contributors. Provide a clean UI, utilizing EVM contracts under the hood. Additionally, (“ATL”) platform tokens may be traded on centralized digital asset exchanges as well.

ATLANT Roadmap Project

P2P lodgin via ATLANT will weaken the pricing power of traditional hotels, Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, with a greater impact on leisure-oriented hotels and lower-price-point hotels focused on a lower value-added products offering, while at the same time increasing RevPAR (revenue per available room).

Future Global Booking Revenue Attributable to Blockchain Technology

Future Projected RevPAR in the US Hotel Industry Attributable to Blockchain Technology

ATLANT operates as a custom decentralized system, governed by the DAO family built on Ethereum. The Platform is powered by its core token (ATL).


Example of Blockchain Ledger Transactions

  • ATLANT Blockchain difference is:
  1. Security, Blockchain relies on encryption to validate transactions by verifying the identities of parties involved in a transaction.
  2. Transparency, blockchain is a distributed database that is maintained and synchronized among multiple nodes.
  3. Efficiency, conceptually, maintaining multiple copies of a database with blockchain would appear to be more efficient than a single, centralized database.

Allocation of the ATLANT Token

Like other blockchain-based projects, ATLANT grows capital through Initial-Coin Offering (ICO). With a solid and experienced team behind it, ATLANT is very confident to be able to raise funds from investors. ATLANT is preparing as many as 375,000,000 ATL of which 315 million ATL is allocated for sale. Pre-sale from the ATLANT Platform has ended with growing more than 1.5 million US dollars and Crowdsale will start on September 7, 2017 at the price of 1 ETH = 505 ATL

ATLANT Property Tokenization

Technical Overview of the ATLANT Platform

ATLANT Technology Stack

ALTANT Platform software components are being developed using the following stack, Go, Solidity, JavaScript, Electron, EthereumJS, web3.js, Vue.js, IPFS. ATLANT Apply appropriate technology in accordance with the tasks to be accomplished.
ATLANT core node software which is doing the heavy-lifting is written in Golang and utilizes a modified IPFS node.

ATLANT Software Components

ATLANT Platforms comprises the following software components: atlant-go (at), atlant-desktop (Electron), atlant-dao (Solidity), atlant-web (Vue.js), go-ipfs (forked), go-onion-transport.

ATLANT Platform Software Components

Atlant Team

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