What’s in my bag?

Andrea Bouch, co-founder of The IQ Collective

FEW Member Profile

FEW (Female Entrepreneurs of the World) is an international organization that supports gender equality and the advancement of women in entrepreneurship. FEW provides a community for entrepreneurs to share experiences in the hopes that transparency of information will inspire others in their entrepreneurial journey.

This week we are featuring Principal and Member of FEW, Andrea Bouch—and this is what happens when you empty an entrepreneur’s bag and force them to talk about it.

What’s in my Bag: Andrea Bouch

Co-founder of The IQ Collective + Principal/Member of FEW

Question 1: Where do you live? San Francisco, CA

Question 2: What is your company? The IQ Collective is redefining education in the developing world by linking the least connected schools to the best education solutions. We connect school leaders to a global community of innovators and amazing education solutions, so they can empower their students with the best learning opportunities.
You can reach me at: www.theiqcollective.com, @theiqcollective, @AndreaBouch

Question 3: Which item in your bag best represents your business? The notebook. The IQ Collective is all about collaboration and accessibility. That notebook is full of notes, sketches, thoughts, addresses, and phone numbers from schools around the world. The school leaders, teachers, parents, and students shared their challenges and successes with our team so that we can work together to improve education around the world.

Question 4: If you had to give up everything but one item from your bag, which would you keep and why? My phone. I hate how dependent I am on it, but it has become my everything. I feel lost when I forget it (and I probably am lost in that case because I use maps to get everywhere).

Question 5: What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up? Pedicures. I love them. Plain and simple.

Question 6: What is something about yourself that you hope you can change but probably never will? I make quick judgements about people when I first meet them.

Question 7: What is your first-world problem? I'm tired of airports after flying +50K miles these past 5 months...

Andrea Bouch is co-founder of The IQ Collective. Andrea’s passion is social business development and how best to align social impact and financial return. Her work experience at Google, Kiva, Hub Ventures, and a number of start-up social ventures around the world has provided her with the skills to build and scale global technology and education organizations. Andrea holds an MBA in International Development and NGO Management from the University of Geneva International Organizations MBA Program (IOMBA), was a Kiva Fellow in Guatemala, and has taught in inner city schools in the US and business schools in Europe.

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