Interaction Design Process Blog

  1. What did you do, in words, pictures, and video?

During this sprint, I had the opportunity to create the beginnings of an app. We were given a broad problem to solve (an app that could be utilized to report water quality in the Puget Sound area), and told to create an app reporting some type of data for a specific user group. I spent the majority of the studio trying to understand my users wants/needs and how I could get that to correspond with the data I needed them to collect. After creating the app, I showed my product to potential users, it was very informative and I was able to see how a user testing would proceed. link to my video describing the app.

2. Reflect a bit on your experience. What questions did it raise and/or what problems did you encounter?

During this experience, I was very interested in the process of incentives. I wanted to know what would motivate the users to provide the scientists with information they needed. I also encountered some problems when trying to create all of the slides and functions I wanted for my app. It amazed me how difficult a small project like this turned out to be when taken seriously.

3. What did you like about this project, and why? Aim for around 50–100 words.

I really like how we were able to take an idea, draw it out and then produce a simple app from it. It really showed me how real it is to be able to create things like this. I haven’t been around this type of technology or course, so it’s easy to think that it is too difficult to put ideas into motion. I’m glad to see that I am be exposed to this type of hands on learning.

4. What are some places in our society where the kinds of work you did could potentially make a difference?

This type of process is what is happening in society today. Apps are being created with the users in mind and problems are being looked at from the perspective of the potential user. Prototypes such as the app I made in studio, is the framework for what I will be seeing/ participating in for my future job. I think this process of not only making apps to serve a purpose is important, but being able to bring it back to the realm of the user is vital. This exercise emphasized why the technology industry is turning towards a user-centered approach.

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