Practice Makes Perfect: Classroom Coaches

Empowering the youth is one mission that everyone can get behind. But it has proven challenging in the past. With younger generations succumbing to the pressures of having to find their path with fewer and fewer resources available, one group is looking to change that. And, they are doing it in a clever, ingenious way.

The organization Coaching for Literacy combines the strategy and mentorship inherent in sports and takes that to a new playing field. Encouraging literacy and fostering a love for reading is part of the mission. Inner city and lower socioeconomic areas have historically found that sports has been a universal outlet to help elementary and teen students find a positive outlet. So to utilize this love of sports as the model for implementing a literacy program bridges the gap between those willing to teach and the youth prime to embrace literacy as a fundamental skill to better their future. Furthermore, statistics have shown a correlation between literacy and poverty, finding that among adults at the lowest level of literacy proficiency, 43% live in poverty while among adults with strong literacy skills, only 4% live in poverty.

The mission functions as a both a short term and long term solution to illiteracy. On the one hand, these inviting programs, taught by coaches, serve as a positive role model for kids, collectively joining a “team” with their journey to work together for a common cause. The other advantage this program does is built an intelligent and literate community at home. Through education comes opportunity, and with literacy, many doors can be opened. But they will be opening book covers first thanks to Coaching for Literacy.

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