Dear David
James Hanna-Magill

Dear James,

I searched about a bit to get a sense of where you were coming from. It said:

James Hanna-Magill was born and brought up in Belfast. He is an arts graduate of Cambridge University and at the end of his career was Finance Director of a large UK corporation.

He retired early at 46 following a nervous breakdown.

The severe mental health difficulties from which he subsequently suffered devastated his life and were not diagnosed for nearly two years after he first became ill. He has since discovered that the building blocks of his disorder and its symptoms had been apparent throughout his life and had heavily influenced his actions.

He is now on a slow road to recovery and in search of a new and better life.

His novel ‘Split’ is an exploration of his past and is inspired by fact.


I could not find split on Amazon. I had intended to buy it.

The short stories I read seemed witty….and almost passive.

In any case I am older than you. I was educated by Kerouac, Salinger, and ‘up against the wall mother fucker’ . I will send you a chapter of the 60’s tomorrow.

Take Care


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