David, there is something about your writing, indefinable but highly attractive, that lulls the…
James Hanna-Magill

Dear James,

I am unfamiliar with how to work this site. Keep in mind I have been gone from america for a long time. I came back a few months ago with a satchel full of narrative and a publisher. The result was: my book, the Avant Garde of Western Civ. (Avant Garde of Western Civ). It is a hodge-podge of policy and personal narrative of my 7 years in south-central Iraq.

What you read — -Rude Awakening — is a chapter in my next book, Rutherford Travels. I suggest you go to my authors site ( above) and then, if you want I can also send you more on RT …which follows a 17 year old from his journey across the USA in 1962 to the moment he got slammed outside Chu Lai in 1969.

Finally…i would like to read your work.

Again…I am probably confused about how to ‘’work this site’ …so not even sure this will reach you



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