Charity Spotlight: Austin Dog Rescue

exas has a lot of animal shelters that help dogs found on the streets. But with the high number of stray dogs, there is a constant need to rescue more. One of the many incredible rescues in Texas is the Austin Dog Rescue, which has been rescuing homeless dogs since 2006. They received their 501© tax-exempt non-profit status in 2007. Austin Dog Rescue is a true non-profit, with no paid employees. Everyone who works with the organization is a volunteer. The organization relies solely on donations and adoption fees to carry out their mission of saving dogs’ lives.

Austin Dog Rescue is a foster home based organization, and every dog is housed and cared for in a home setting by foster caregivers. In these loving foster homes, each dog is treated as a valued member of the family. The dogs are given plenty of opportunities to interact with humans and other dogs. They are also house and crate trained.

Before a dog is matched with a forever home, all medical needs are addressed. Austin Dog Rescue is unique in that it works to save dogs that may have medical conditions that other rescues are unable to treat. It focuses on dogs that are at risk, whether it is due to age, health, special needs, or lack of space. At the very core of Austin Dog Rescue’s values is a dedication to being the lifelong advocate of every dog that they help. They make sure to carefully place the dog in a loving and caring home that is best suited to that dog.

Austin Dog Rescue is one of the most successful and highly regarded mixed breed rescues in the Central Texas area. They have saved and found homes for more than 1,880 dogs, and there are still many years of rescues to come. Each year, more than 400 dogs find their forever homes through the Austin Dog Rescue. Many people have found their four-legged best friends through this organization. While Austin is a foster home based organization rather than a shelter, it does serve a number of shelters throughout the Central Texas area.

For those who are interested in adopting a dog through Austin Dog Rescue, the process runs smoothly. You must first submit an application, after which you will typically be contacted by the organization within 24 hours. The organization then makes sure to verify the your home, and to perform a veterinary check. You are then put in contact with the foster caregiver, and you will arrange a time to meet the foster dog. After this meeting, you and the foster will have 24 hours to decide if the dog is the right match.

Austin Dog Rescue takes extreme care in making sure that homeless dogs are rescued off the streets and placed into loving homes. This unique foster home based organization takes every measure possible to ensure that all dogs are happy and healthy for the rest of their lives.

This post was originally published on Holden Buckner’s website here.