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Look at that smug face. Look at it.

Jim Halpert is Sort of an Asshole

Dec 9, 2015 · 5 min read

I’ve watched The Office for a long time. I have probably watched each episode at least 5 times, and I even have a Jim quote in my Twitter profile: “Different, but not really.”

But after countless episodes watched and rewatched, I have come to a conclusion that Jim Halpert is kind of a fucking asshole. Here’s why:

Jim is Always Mean to Dwight

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I feel you.

Look, Dwight would be an awful coworker. I can’t say I wouldn’t screw around with him sometimes. But Jim just never stops.

He just incessantly pokes at Dwight, doing the coworker equivalent of “I’m not touching you.” And poor Dwight, the number one sales guy, is constantly being overshadowed by this dude who constantly demeans every thought he has.

Jim thinks He is Above His Job

Jim is constantly cracking jokes about how bored he is at his job. He could be doing so much more than being a salesman for a paper company. Yet there he is, day after day, selling paper and paper supplies for Dunder Mifflin—while casually smirking superiority at the cameras.

And aside from the startup Jim falls into towards the end of the show, Jim is never headhunted by anyone outside of Dunder Mifflin or even discusses the possibility of searching for another job.

Jim thinks He is Above Everyone

It’s not that Jim is above his job, he is also above his coworkers too(except Pam, of course). Jim’s fellow salespeople? They’re just dying slowly, drudging away for the man, while he maintains an attitude of superiority doing the same thing everyone around him is essentially doing: mediocre work for mediocre pay.

Jim thinks He is Above His Job, but Still Wants to Be Boss

If Jim isn’t the definition of white male privilege operating at its peak, I am not sure what is.

This is what truly makes Jim a real dick: while he is regularly condescending his fellow coworkers, he also maneuvers to be the boss of them every chance he gets.

This is a man who regularly talks down to his current boss (understandable) and the people around him, except Pam. And he expects this to be the logical progression of his career at Dunder Mifflin, even though he regularly flaunts how little he works for what he has.

If Jim isn’t the definition of white male privilege operating at its peak, I am not sure what is.

Jim is Always the Mediator, Even though He Shouldn’t Be

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Solid impression, Karen.

Objectively, Jim is probably the most sane person working at Dunder Mifflin. That said, he isn’t much better than everyone else.

Jim regularly pined after the receptionist, who was engaged. When he moved to another branch, he dated his coworker. Then ditched that girlfriend in the city to go back for Pam—all three of them working in the same place.

What an HR nightmare. And talk about a lack of boundaries!

Jim Manages his Wife

Let’s expound further on the lack of boundaries.

Jim is Pam’s boss.

Apparently, that is totally cool at Dunder Mifflin. Because Jim will be objective, right? Nah.

Jim regularly sides with Pam, which makes sense, cause that is his wife! But every one of the people he manages has to deal with the consequences of that relationship.

There is just no way that Jim could be an effective boss managing his wife. None. Whatsoever.

For god’s sake, the man committed fraud for Pam when she was part of selling the Michael Scott Paper Company to Dunder Mifflin.

Jim Hates Having Friends

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Actually, he had that party once. But then Michael showed up.

So many of Jim’s coworkers try to be friends with him. And in return, Jim is an I’m too cool for you asshole. Which is the worst. Because these are the types of people who will be friendly to your face, but undercut you with a smart-ass comment when you are trying to convince people to do team-building activities your boss is forcing you to do.

This is really just an extension of Jim’s attitude that he is better than everyone. Which would be true, if he wasn’t working the same mundane job in the same mundane town as the rest of them.

In other words, Jim is right where he belongs. He just doesn’t want to associate with the people around him because of some false sense of superiority.

Jim and Pam Live in a Bubble

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Here they be. All cute and stuff.

Real life, Pam and Jim are co-dependent as fuck. Aside from the NYC graphic design stint—which she failed to complete—Jim and Pam spend almost 24 hours a day together.

They work and sleep together. They go on sales call together. They go to lunch together. They even have desks, at one point, right by each other. They even walk together in runs.

I mean these two never leave each other’s side. Which is sort of cute, I suppose. But I don’t know many people in real life who can handle that much contact with their significant other.

Now, this doesn’t mean I am going to stop re-watching The Office. I undoubtedly will. I’ll probably even get over my dislike for Jim Halpert and get back to loving that cute smile and those never-ending sarcastic-but-maybe-over-your-head-but-you-don’t-know jokes.

But today is not that day. Today, Jim Halpert is just kind of an asshole.

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