Audit report of Certik that we have been waiting for days, is now online. CertiK has prepared extensive report for Holdex, which has been producing extensive and Clear reports in the field of cyrpto finance for years, evaluating and scoring projects in the field of security.In the report the project was examined meticilously and its safety was registered. If you want to read in detail we leave the link below.

In addition, in the voting which was made among the users, investers declared that they found Holdex more trustful by 97%. This score volume is higher than 80% of the projects in the top 100

Party is starting now!

We’re about to be listed on CoinMarketCap and And Our CertiK Report is about to be released!

About to the huge news: We will be announcing one of the top 10 exchange listing news according to CMC list very soon.

Holdex provides that users could make Swap, Staking, and Farming transactions with the phone. İnvest in the future!

Holdex team made the investors very delighted in terms of pricing. The price of Holdex, which started selling at $0.1, is now at the level of $0.5 in the exchange presale. In other words, a person who invested $10,000 in Holdex’s first ICO process 3 months ago. now has $50,000 worth of Holdex Tokens.

It’s not too late to buy Holdex Tokens. at October 1, a maximum of 10 million units will be in circulation in the first listing, which is only 10% of the Holdex Token you can buy from exchanges for $ 0.5. When we compare it with other projects according to the amount of supply, it is among the possibilities that holdex may find a investor between $ 75–300 after a while.

Dear Holdex Finance investors,

Due to the disruptions in the token distribution system, we wanted to make a announcement according to our responsible investor policy, we would like to announce that we have good news that we have solved all the problems and the transfers will be completed much faster…

Good News! Now you can get Holdex Tokens from @Indoex_LTD ( besides the holdex finance website.

Remember that Inoex sales start as of October 1st. You are not only making an investment in Holdex by buying Holdex Token. You are also making an investment in the future of DeFi.

We call out from future finance system. Holdex is mention here very often. Are you tired of traditional financial markets, which are open to speculation and Manipulation? are you losing money due to uncontrolled money printing policies?

Free yourself from their hands in your pockets and Buy a Holdex Token…

“Holdex Finance, Along with being compatible with Holdex, Ethereum, HuobiEco chain, and Binance Smart Chain, also provides freedom to manage and support stake pools and farms.

In addition, our platform is preparing to enter the DEX and CEX markets. In addition, Our Team aims to enter significant platforms such as Kucoin,, Okex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Poloniex, Probit, BtcTurk Pro, Indoex, MXC, Hotbit . Also, Holdex will be published on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and CoinMarketCal websites, which are the most major significant platforms in the market.”

Did you know how to distribute the Holdex Token, which has a limited supply to only 100 million?

We set out as an alternative to the conventional financial system, which keeps growing with monetary expansion. one of the most important points that make holdex strong is that our tokens are limited. Our goal is to protect our investors from disvaluation. the assets with limited total supply in the store of value ensure that there is no inflation in their market.

We are a Finance Technology Platform, which want to change the conventional financial sector that is open to speculation and manipulation. We aim to enable automated investment option to every individual in the society to earn easy money in a simple way. With the highest interest rates within the DeFi ecosystem.


Will be the most powerful decentralized Fin-Tech platform. Our goal is change the mindset of traditional finance system. Lets join to get this together.

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