2017 Agency Insights — We ARE Awesome

I love when advertising agencies put out their insights reports. They all do it. Here you have the smartest people on earth that are the only ones who seem to have access to this data and insights (unless you google it or ask Alexa for it) throw up their predictions and insights for a new year.

They talk about this will be the future of that, that is the future of this…and everything leads to how smart and creative the agency is.

The fact is that, they make this shit up. Period. Yes, there are some valid insights in some of the e-books, decks, videos, or snaps, but for the most part its rubbish. These reports are full of bloated delusions of grandeur all with some sort of lead generation tool like you sharing your email or LinkedIn information.

Its bullshit, don’t fall for the marketing snake oil. Remember who is building these insights, the same people who own the snake oil.