A Great Place To Work…that is…Until You Get Laid Off


CEI just released their annual corporate equality index. This index, which is basically a list of questions on how you work with the LGBT community, scores companies and agencies on how focused they are in working with LGBT communities. I am not sure if they actually check any of the answers (I can’t say yes or no here), but its a yearly survey/project that is typically handled by the HR department. I believe some of it is real and some is fluff, but that’s not stopping agencies and their holding company overlords from touting high scores on the index all over social media.

While I am not a huge fan of indexes like this that, I will say that it’s extremely important for companies to ensure that ALL employees have great experiences.

The inside secret is that these agencies aren’t the best places to work, especially when they decide to lay you off. RIFs or reductions in force as they call them in “the biz” have become a regular occurrence in the advertising world. A practice that historically would only happen on a rare occasion (because its really bad to have reductions in force, I mean REALLY BAD), have become a regular part of corporate finance and human resource quarterly strategies, without regard to the people they are impacting.

So while these agencies score 100 on the CEI and are publishing this on their social channels, what you don’t see is that they are laying off hundreds of people on a regular basis. While scoring high on some index seems important, its much more important to be able to employ those same people during good and bad times.

A perfect example of holding company insanity.