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What do holders of our tokens receive?

We give a full freedom to our token holders:

There is a possibility to speculate in the market, if you like to make a quick buck. As long as our tokens are equal to our shares, there is a possibility to hold our tokens and multiply your capital from the consistent growth of our company and its market cap.

Also, depending on what you like, our tokens allow participating in the development of our company. You can contact us to open our company’s branch in your city and get a business plan, development strategy, marketing plan and education. In a city with a population of 500 000 + people, you can earn from $ 2 000 per month by organizing a business according to our instructions.

Regional development and scaling or decentralization in all its glory.

We are fully imbued with the idea of decentralization and implemented it as much as possible. Thus, even the development of holdme will be decentralized and the fruits of such development will belong to everyone who takes part in it. Centralized advertising from the company’s head office will be exclusively reputational, aimed at strengthening the name and increasing the loyalty.

Decentralized model of development.

We are the first company in the world to take such a pioneer step.

The result of our activity will open a completely new model of business development to the entire world and all the major players, a model, where tens of thousands of people develop a company in various parts of the world, while having full partner’s rights.

Such a development model will open a way for new and unique ideas, useful for humanity, the realization of which was impossible in the old capitalism system.

The Future is coming…

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