The 3 W’s of your Bot: Who, What, Where

The latest trend in adopting new features from digital technology is the use of Chatbots. This is sometimes referred to as bots too.

Like in any new introduction the first questions that cross your mind are Who, What and Where about them. So let’s find out the 3 W’s about the bots.

What Is a Bot Then?

It is software which is designed in a way that the tasks done on your own get automated. These can be said to be anything from displaying information, making reservations for dinner, updating your calendar with appointments and so on. Chatbots are the most common forms of bots that are being used to simulate conversation these days. You find them dwelling inside of a messaging app. You get a feel as if you are chatting with a human being when you chat with a bot.

Nowadays, you also find these Bots handling different kinds of customer care services. This is usually done calling up over a phone and a human would respond. Now you can place an order and also pay for the items via such automated conversation.

Also a schedule of your meetings can be done via a Chatbot. All you need to do is ass the Bot to your email thread. The Bot will take over the function of back and forth conversation. Like scheduling a meeting, alerting you once it has been arranged and then add it to the calendar.

In the future, it is conceived that with further advancement of Bot technology many more complex things may be done via the Chatbots.

Where Do These Bots Live?

In most of the places of communication like the messaging apps, Chatbots are found to exist. They lend a conversational interface. Their goal is to help with the tasks that are work related like to do lists, expenses and so on.

You have a Bot store in which you have different kinds of bots. These include a Bot to send suggestions for makeup from a cosmetic brand or another that will send vine videos. Also you can get tweets about earthquake as soon as you have registered through the twitter Bot or you can order for pizza from a famous brand with tweeting a pizza emoticon. Also you have Bot operating via the Facebook messenger makes it easy for businesses to communicate with their customers.

Who Makes These Bots Then?

You have apps for everything now and they might be numbering in millions. The makers of these apps are building these Bots as well. Big companies that use the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural learning process and so on have easy access to these Bots.

Actually bots are not new to the technological field. These have been existed since more than half a century. Recently there has been a boom for mobile messaging apps as the use of mobile phones across the globe has risen exponentially. The use of the bots is seen as ever more relevant.

One of the reasons for it being heard more about it now is that the AI software that is used for the use of Chatbots has dramatically improved over the last couple of years. AI can actually enable the computerised devices to process languages and also converse with human beings.

As the hardware and software capabilities improved the use of bots too became more relevant. So we see some big companies in the Silicon Valley taking more interest in this technology and are working hard to bring about many changes and improvement in the use of these Chatbots.

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