The new era of Chatbots

Nov 28, 2017 · 3 min read

Technology keeps on advancing and one of the latest advancements is the Chatbot. This is a program that has been intended to have a chat with the human beings via the internet. So you can say that these are bots or machines that can talk. So you can get different kinds of information through them ranging from political news to weather reports to latest sports updates and so on.

Businesses & companies adopt the new technology

Several companies and businesses are using this technology of late to some of their work. Mostly these Chatbots are use in customer service. During the chat the Bot will use a conversational tone that seems to be as natural as that of a human being. Artificial intelligence is powering these bots. Also human assistance is available to help them out if needed too. This is done during some complex queries and in the middle of some routine conversation.

Makes direct voice communication possible

People are used to chat to their friends via the messenger apps on the social media networks. Now some of these networks are integrating Chatbots on their messenger platforms. This is an uncomplicated platform that is powered by AI and it can build natural language and help add some services to communicate with the people directly.

With this kind of upgrade the way the customers and clients can access data will transform. This is the future of chatting and conversing and it is there for everyone to see. There will be a change in the way we order or buy things and also communicate with the services. This will pave the way for having a new website.

A cool technology helps business growth

Now a service that is text based can be a new era of the digital marketing platform. It can also provide tailor made programmed interactions that are one to one with the customers and the users. The Chatbots will be able to provide a marketing platform and it may not be public advertising but of a word of mouth kind. This is unlike any social media platforms. Henceforth we may be messaging some businesses as we are messaging our friends. Doesn’t it sound cool?

You can also expect some innovative customer service and marketing strategies in the future. It will be the Bot providing an automated reply. It will be quick no doubt and also it will act like a customer service that is based on a phone call. Here it will take the complete attention of the customer. For all this you do not have to install any kind of app on your phone. This is taking technology to the next level. This will make the companies and businesses to reach the consumers in a more easy and comfortable way with just a messenger app.

These Chatbots are going to be more effective platform for the customer service providers in the coming future. All around the globe several brands and businesses are using this new technology to reach their customers in a better way. They have seen a dramatic change in the way their business has thrived and grown. So you can say that this new technology is here to stay and it will grow bigger and better and will be more beneficial to the business world for sure.

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