Use Proxies For Anonymous Browsing

What is a free proxy? A free proxy is basically a piece of hardware or software that sits in between your computer and the Internet. It handles all communications on your behalf, allowing you to remain anonymous to the outside world. You can easily find a proxy online by using Google or another search engine. Discover great proxies for facebook right here.

If you can, use a secure proxy that is hosted outside of the US and EU. This is because both jurisdictions have seriously compromised your privacy and can easily compel ISPs to release information about your surfing habits. This would defeat the whole object of anonymous surfing. Proxies that are hosted in places like Panama, Costa Rica, are a good bet. These countries tend to have tight privacy laws making it more difficult to get at Internet records.

Using a secure proxy website also allows you to have an extra layer of protection against hackers. Because you are surfing behind a third party website, the hacker would only see the proxy details, not yours. As you can see, using free proxies are advantageous for sensitive matters like Internet banking, for example. Make sure you also take other precautions. Always make sure you have a good anti-virus package installed on your computer when browsing the Internet.

There are so many variations of viruses so it is not always easy to keep up. Make sure that you get regular updates too. This way, any threat is at a minimal. If a free secure proxy is not enough, you could always parting with your cash. They basically provide the precise same thing but will have you believe otherwise. In my experience most of these products are a waste of money.

Remember, a free proxies provides you with anonymous surfing. Please do not think that this is a means of evading the law. Do not use proxies for anything dodgy. Always respect your local, national, and international laws when you are surfing the Internet.