20 hacks for families in #corona lockdown

20 survival habits for families in Covid19 lockdown

Whether you’re following the #coronacode or you’re#staythefuckhome ing, — families are looking at a few weeks at home. Here are some hacks we’ve compiled from traveling with kids, home-schooling and our own isolation that has started almost 2 weeks ago*.

First of all: Don‘t Panic.

We’re in this together. This family, this household is now a unit, a collective and since we sure as shoveling won’t be sitting at home for days and weeks without cuddles or touches: If Corona hits us, we will all get it and get through it together.

Structure and ground rules

1. Everyday life needs structure. When daycare and commuting to work are gone, we need to create new routines instead. Specifically: Create daily schedules and daily flows together as a family and put it up somewhere in your home so everyone can see it. Also: stick to it.

The pirate puzzle — as a video call with her kindergarten friend
First draft of our daily schedule for family lockdown

Running the household

1. Involve the kids. Give them age appropriate tasks, share responsibility and offer support and praise. Their natural instinct to contribute wants space when their roles in daycare or else fall away. Our tallest really missed “toothbrushing duty” that had her in charge of putting tooth paste on all the kids brushes twice a day. She has that job at home now and feels needed again.

Enable social contact outside of the family unit

1. Everyone needs private connections and conversations outside the household. Individual contact. Mom needs to talk to her friends, so does dad. Make space and time for those and be specific about the possibility and value.

Is this OK Papa? This way I can wave and talk to people who walk by safely? #coronacodex #flattenthecurve

Learning and Homeschooling

1. Set a fixed time in the day for homeschooling, we do 09:30–11:00 and 3 x 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between. Older kids will have books or assignments from school. For daycare age that can be creative projects, singing songs, drawing — whatever they enjoy.

Working at home

1. Define a designated place to work.

Tech and news — #corona and #panicmongering

1. As tempting and important as it may seem: you don’t have to be up to date with news in realtime. Pick your favorite news cast and set an alarm 3 times a day to get your updates. Disable all other tickers and notifications before you lose your mind.

Lessons we had to learn:

· we now have to discuss, coordinate and plan a lot more at home as a family than we did before.

Father, digitally naive, former risk management professional, entrepreneur and CEO.

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