Evercraft Ecotechnologies: Pioneering Green Innovations and Shaping a Sustainable Future — Decarbonizing Our Future: Insights from Holger Kuhlmann, CEO of Evercraft Ecotechnologies

Holger Kuhlmann
7 min readDec 18, 2023
Insights from Holger Kuhlmann, CEO of Evercraft Ecotechnologies

How did the idea for Evercraft Ecotechnologies originate, and what vision does your company pursue?

The idea for Evercraft Ecotechnologies originated from my involvement in the tokenization of environmental projects. Since 2017, I have been actively engaged in this field, conducting projects related to the tokenization of environmental initiatives, which gained recognition in the German-speaking region. In April 2022, Mario Wagner approached me through a mutual friend. I was immediately impressed by the technologies of AGT, given my prior experience with carbon products and hydrogen. We joined forces to establish Evercraft Ecotechnologies. Our goal is to implement technologies such as those from AGT and Manfred Lenzi to make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of municipalities and industries, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

The AGT Mastermind Manfred Lenzi’s ACA and LTC technologies play a significant role in your company. How do you integrate these approaches into your solutions, and what advantages do you see in them?

The Low Temperature Conversion (LTC) technology and Advanced Carbon Absorption (ACA) by Manfred Lenzi play a prominent role in our solutions. By skillfully integrating these approaches, we can split methane, producing either hydrogen or, alternatively, carbon nanotubes as a byproduct. This flexibility allows us to produce methane from organic waste by using an LTC plant before the ACA and utilizing organic waste as the feedstock. The crucial advantage lies in the fact that we don’t require a primary energy source for hydrogen production — an approach that is logically much more efficient than current prevalent methods.

How do you believe innovative technologies like the ones you are working on can contribute to addressing current environmental issues?

I firmly believe that our current energy sources are crucial for the development of our industries and nations. However, they also significantly contribute to environmental degradation. The idea of extracting energy from organic waste without generating additional emissions represents a significant step forward. It’s not just about using alternative sources, but also about how we can efficiently and sustainably integrate them into our industries. I am convinced that technologies like those from AGT can be a substantial step toward solutions for our most pressing environmental problems.

As the CEO and co-founder, you likely have a clear vision of what the future of green technologies could look like. Could you provide insight into how you envision this future?

The future of green technologies, in my view, is clearly outlined. A significant step is the development of photovoltaic systems that do not compete with food production, as is unfortunately the case today but are instead installed where they belong — on rooftops. With the use of carbon nanotubes and graphene, I see a future where houses are energy self-sufficient while simultaneously serving as technological supercomputers. Another crucial aspect is freeing the world’s oceans from plastic waste. Ironically, these plastic wastes in the oceans could become a significant raw material for the energy transition. Transforming and utilizing this waste as a resource could make a tremendous contribution to cleaning the environment and revolutionizing energy generation.

Besides your work at Evercraft Ecotechnologies, what are your personal passions and activities outside the company that are important to you?

Beyond my responsibilities at Evercraft Ecotechnologies, my family is my top priority. Their unwavering support is crucial to my dedication to Evercraft Ecotechnologies. Outside of work, I find joy in cycling passionately, relishing the freedom of long rides through nature to clear my mind. The enchanting mountains of Austria hold a special allure, making extended walks there a genuine pleasure. Ice hockey is another of my passions, and throughout the winter, I invest considerable time at the ice rink cheering for the Krefeld Pinguine or the Toronto Maple Leafs. The vibrancy and team spirit in ice hockey consistently captivate and motivate me.

What challenges do you see for companies specializing in environmentally friendly technologies, and how does Evercraft Ecotechnologies address them?

Companies focusing on environmentally friendly technologies indeed face a variety of hurdles. The regulatory environment is undoubtedly a significant factor, influencing the direction and success of their efforts. Laws and regulations can vary widely across different countries, making the development and introduction of new technologies challenging. Additionally, there is the possibility of lobbying groups exerting influence, especially when they perceive their own interests threatened by new technologies. Fortunately, this is not the case for Evercraft Ecotechnologies, as we see ourselves more as partners and complements to other companies. Our approach aims to actively collaborate with businesses to work together on solutions.

Another obstacle is financing, particularly in the development phase, where traditional funding paths can be challenging. We’ve found that relying on grant programs in this phase can be limiting. Instead, we increasingly rely on the power and support of an engaged community. By collaborating with and engaging various stakeholders, we can mobilize resources and open up funding avenues that might otherwise be unavailable. Integrating community-supported funding models allows us to involve a broader circle of supporters who not only provide financial resources but also have a strong interest in realizing our technologies.

How important is it for you to not only offer technological solutions, but also to promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues in society?

Promoting awareness and understanding of environmental issues in society is of immense importance to us at Evercraft Ecotechnologies. For this reason, we regularly organize events not only to offer technological solutions but also to provide a platform for discussions and information. In the current environmental debate, we observe a strong ideological focus that distracts from effective solution approaches. It is undeniable that we all must contribute to leaving a livable planet for future generations. However, we believe that actions like Fridays for Future and similar protests may not represent the most effective way.

Our preferred approach focuses on promoting education and active problem-solving. Instead of solely relying on street protests or using cultural monuments as a means of protest, we believe that broad education and active participation are the keys to long-term change. We aim for each individual to be encouraged to educate themselves and actively seek sustainable solutions. By sharpening awareness and strengthening understanding of environmental issues in society, we can collectively find more effective ways to address environmental problems.

How do you assess the current development regarding environmental protection on a global scale?

The UN Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai underscores the need to limit climate-harming emissions to mitigate global warming. Twenty countries, including the USA, France, and the UK, advocate tripling nuclear energy by 2050 to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The USA has plans to reduce methane emissions and contribute to the Green Climate Fund, while the EU and other countries push for a significant increase in the share of renewable energy.

As a representative of a technology company like Evercraft Ecotechnologies, I largely view these developments positively. It is crucial to leverage this agenda to promote innovative solutions and drive the transformation towards a sustainable future. While I may not agree with all aspects of the CO₂ agenda, I see the opportunity to develop environmental technologies that integrate various energy sectors and work towards a sustainable future.

The world is constantly changing, especially in the field of environmental technology, with many developments. How does Evercraft Ecotechnologies stay agile and adaptable to respond to new challenges?

In the ever-changing world, particularly in environmental technology, Evercraft Ecotechnologies remains agile and adaptable. Our partnership with AGT and Manfred Lenzi enables us to continuously work on innovations. Through close collaboration with the University of St. Andrews and ongoing developments, even during the construction of the ACA reference plant in Upper Austria, we can quickly integrate new technologies into our projects. Additionally, we actively seek new partners to deepen our technological expertise. A significant step will be the introduction of our solid-state battery with carbon nanotubes from in-house production in 2024. These cells offer faster charging times and higher energy density compared to conventional battery cells. The crucial advantage is that our solid-state cells are non-flammable and do not require materials such as cobalt, lithium, nickel, manganese, or graphite found in conventional batteries.

What are Evercraft Ecotechnologies’ long-term goals and visions for the next five years?

Our long-term goals at Evercraft Ecotechnologies for the next five years are diverse. We strongly emphasize partnerships and the establishment of our innovative ACA and LTC technology initially in the EU, followed by positioning them in international markets. The introduction of our own products such as the solid-state battery cell will be a central step. We also research additional products like PV modules to expand our portfolio and make our solutions even more widely accessible. Long-term, we aim to have a measurable positive impact on the environment. Our goal is to initiate a significant change that enables more efficient resource utilization, reduces environmental impact, and promotes a sustainable lifestyle. At Evercraft Ecotechnologies, it’s not just about economic success, but also about taking a leading role in developing solutions that positively change our world.

Finally: If you had advice for young people interested in a career in environmentally friendly technologies, what would you tell them?

In conclusion, I would like to offer advice to young people aspiring to a career in environmentally friendly technologies: Believe in the strength of your ideas and your passion for change. Look up to individuals like Manfred Lenzi, who, despite a non-scientific background, made significant discoveries — thanks to his courage and belief in his work. Create a supportive environment with people who believe in you and be ready to tackle significant challenges when needed. Although nothing is given to you, do not be discouraged. The world needs innovative minds and creative solutions to address the challenges of the future. Stay curious, continuously learn, and steadfastly pursue your visions. It’s an exciting time to be part of the solution and have a positive impact on our future. Be determined, committed, and persistent.

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