Nowadays, people choose air travel due to speed and convenience. What is amazing is that birds are allowed to enter the cabin.
 Depending on the airline, regulations for birds on domestic flights vary. Following is a list of airlines that allow and do not allow pet birds on flight. Some airlines allow only big birds like macaws while some allow smaller ones like cockatiels provided they are at least five of them. Therefore, it is better to ask the airline before booking the flight. Moreover, one has to pay extra for bringing the bird on board, and their cages must meet airline regulations.

Airlines that allow birds on board are Alaska, Continental, Delta, United, Northwest, US Air and America West.

What do you need to do if you want to fly with your bird:

  • Book flight. $125 per bird in-cabin, United Airlines for domestic travel. Call in advance, can’t be done online.
  • Acquire carrier. This one is excellent and fits perfectly in underseat space. Make sure you have a window or middle seat, underseat area for aisle seat is too narrow for carrier.
  • Get bird used to carrier.
  • Get health certificate from vet. United doesn’t require it, but I say better safe than sorry. Also a good idea to have bird examined prior to stressful event. Health certificate valid for ten days.
  • Day of flight checklist: blanket, water-rich foods, bird’s confirmation number.
  • Get to airport early. You’ll actually have to go to the counter to complete check-in.
  • Go through security. I recommend asking agents to pass your buddy over the barrier and not to stimulate the bird. They will do a test on your hands and the bird should never have to leave the carrier.
  • Board flight. Try to wrap blanket around carrier top, bottom, and sides leaving a front flap. It’s drafty down there and the floor gets cold.

If you’ve heard of change with one of these or another airline, please let us know in the comment below

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