11 Travel Podcasts That’ll Provide You Serious Wanderlust

Aug 9, 2019 · 3 min read

I enjoy podcasts. As somebody who travels usually, they are an excellent way to keep informed and amused as you are on the move. To help me highlight a number of the best podcasts in the business, I’ve encouraged Debbie in Your offbeat Life to talk about her favorites. She’s a podcaster herself and knows what it takes to conduct an excellent traveling podcast!

Podcasts have burst in popularity in the last several decades, particularly in the travel niche. After all, who does not want to travel?

Different traveling stories, helpful tips, tips on creating a nomadic way of life, and inspiration on the go — there are podcasts to get them all!

I started my podcast, The offbeat Life, to discuss the stories of those people I met during my journeys, which could become location independent and make their ideal lifestyle. I had been in awe of their adventuresome nature and wished to inspire myself and the others to follow in their footsteps, take more chances, and also learn everything it takes to create a balanced life.

As a podcaster and traveler, I frequently look to additional podcasts for inspiration. To help you get inspired for the upcoming trip or your own foray into the nomadic lifestyle, here will be the 11 best travel podcasts of 2019!

1. The Idea Card
Hosted by Danielle Desir, this podcast focuses on world travel, settling debt, and building wealth. Danielle gives her audience the most confidence to make smart financial decisions which may allow them to accomplish both their traveling and business goals.


Formerly referred to since the Budget-Minded Traveler, Traveling Jackie motivates other people to get out and see the world through travel and experience. She provides valuable, actionable advice that’ll make it possible for you to select the jump and explore.

3. Andy Steves Travel Podcast

This podcast includes wanderers from throughout the world who highlight travel has affected their viewpoints, customs, and also lives.

4. Chronicles Abroad

Hosts Nubia Younge and Frantzce Lys highlight their adventures living abroad along with those of others who took threats to living their fantasy to be location independent.

5. Extra Bundle of Peanuts

This is a beautiful podcast for travelers that need to keep on a budget whilst on the street. Travis, who hosts the series, interviews nomads, writers, and entrepreneurs who offer firsthand and insight ideas about how to embark on your own affordable adventures.

6. On She Goes

This is a beautiful tradition that helps women of color are more confident travelers, giving them the tools they need to consider the jump and find out the whole world. The interviewees share fresh viewpoints and shed light on their traveling experiences and challenges.

7. Women on the Street

This bi-weekly podcast dives into the life span of solo female travelers that you live the #vanlife. Host Laura Hughes interviews those fearless women and produces an unusual twist on their nomadic lifestyle.

8. According to Nomads

Host Tayo Rockson contains incredible stories out of those who are nomads and entrepreneurs, and with an emphasis on leaders in business, culture, traveling, and global affairs.

9. Wild Ideas Worth Living

Host and journalist Shelby Stranger interviews budding explorers, pros, and entrepreneurs that have taken their wild thoughts and forced them into a real possibility, people who have climbed the tallest mountains, written best selling novels, and stood up for what they believe at.

10. The Globe-trotter Lounge

This podcast is hosted by Jet Set Lisette, an award-winning traveling expert, and server. Lisette interviews inspirational and amazing women who’ve found ingenious ways to travel the world.

1 1. The Offbeat Life

Hosted by me, this podcast highlights the stories of both digital nomads along with location-independent entrepreneurs. It digs deep into the realities of starting a remote business and just how to develop a sustainable nomadic lifestyle.