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India being a vast subcontinent boasts a vast variety of physical and environmental variations. There is always something going on in the big metropolitan cities while the life at the tribal regions is still in their own world moving at their own pace away from the hectic life of the cities. There might be a chance when you get to see both the lifestyles coexisting at a not more than a 100 km apart and you can experience the way people live their lives in such harsh condition. You can experience anything you want just think of it contact the correct person and you wish will be fulfilled.

Indian history in itself is a roller coaster ride with many wars struggles with many examples of timeless love and royalty. It all began with the Indus valley civilization. It was of the greatest and oldest civilizations of the early times with their well-planned cities and their skills in metallurgy. It had a great impact the foundation for building a great country present today. But there’s more to it India has seen its fair share of invasions and battles from different parts of the world and every invasion added a different dish to the platter marking it ever more vibrant and what we see today you can see is the result of endless improvisation in an already great country.

In this article we are going to take a look at the different experiences and in the different states of north India, What you can look for and what you can find and experience. So to begin with we should start with the top most tip of the country.

Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir the top most tip of the country is often described as “heaven on earth”. It is a place must visit having some of the most beautiful picturesque locations with snow laden mountains, Valleys and many high altitude lakes. Kashmir also boasts a lot about textile craftsmanship and fabulous gardens covered with crisp red chinar leaves making it a beautiful eye candy for couples to enjoy.some of the best thing to do when visiting jammu & Kashmir is to just see and admire the natural beauty, plan a stay I the houseboats on the dal lake. From the romantic valleys of Kashmir to Leh the Cold desert of India is a heaven for adventure seekers reaching extreme altitudes where you travel your way up with stops at different spots to cope with the drop in the oxygen level.

Himachal Pradesh

Next as you travel down the Indian subcontinent you arrive in Himachal Pradesh the land of snow and filled with culture. Himachal Pradesh was the official summer capital for British in the earlier times because of Climate and greenery it reminded them of England and this is the reason why you see so many colonial mansions beautiful churches and much more. Other things that might be interesting to experience are the adventure sports Solang valley is a great spot to try some adventure sports like skiing and paragliding. This is the best you can get of mountain experience. It grabs your attention at every next road with something new and takes you on a new journey altogether.

An elaborates list of the thing you can experience and do in Himachal Pradesh is long but some of the most popular one are Experience the natural beauty of the place and charm of the place, visit a Buddhist village on the outskirts of Dharamshala, take a road trip or biking expedition Himachal Pradesh is one of the best places for road expeditions, try out some adventure sport like trekking, camping, paragliding and river rafting all at the same place.


Next up we have is the land of five rivers and that is Punjab famous for is glory and culture the region attract tourist from all over the world with its perfect harmony of religion, royalty, architecture, ambience, peaceful atmosphere and many more. This place has some of the most diverse cuisine and some of the most popular dishes are butter chicken and Dal Makhani. Chandigarh is the capital of the state and surprises most of the tourist with its well — planned architecture which is said to be the best designed city in the country. One of the most important attractions you get to see is the golden temple which is the holiest worship place for Sikh community.

Now let’s talk about the reasons and qualities that attract tourist and the most important thing to experience is the food Punjab is famous for its food and it delivers one of the world’s best tasting cuisines, beautiful gurdwaras some of the holi place for the sikh community, picturesque landscape with agriculture spread across vast lands, night life of chandigarh and much more.


Delhi is a place which can present you with many reasons to visit and enjoy the environment of the capital of the country. Thought like other places given in this list Delhi is not state but there are many qualities which make it unique from all of the others. First and foremost important thing is religion there are many places to visit for spirituality even in a metropolitan city like Delhi for example the most popular place for religious fulfilment are Gurudwara Bangla Saheb, Jama Masjid and many churches. Apart from religion history is also a major attraction for tourists and there are multiple examples for exemplary craftsmanship like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayuns Tomb and many more. Along with all the qualities you can expect from any big metropolitan city of the world like luxury, shopping sprees and night life.


Another major tourist state with a big number of tourists travel every year is the Rajasthan the Princely State of India which is the land of the royals has royal forts and castles in abundance. This is one of those places that are blessed with high essence of creativity and true artistic colors. You can find brilliant works of art using stones, clay, leather, wood, ivory, lac, glass, brass, silver, gold and textiles among the beautiful desert landscapes. There are various cave paintings and stone sculpture found in the Hatodi region, baroli are the living proof of the art school that existed in the 10th century. Further, jewelry is an important part of the rajasthani culture and still continues to attract masses to the place. Rakhri, tirnaniyan, bala, ivory bangles, baju bandh, gajra and jod are the most adored ornaments and jewelry work by women from all across the globe

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a state which is widely known as Taj Nagari, Abode of God and much more because of its diverse of culture, colors and cuisines. The state has a lot to offer with multiple styles of monument and cuisines. First we talk about the most important city in Uttar Pradesh which is a must visit Agra a city famous for the Taj Mahal a monument with overwhelming beauty and craftsmanship. Second is the city of nawabs and the capital of Uttar Pradesh Lucknow a place known for its cuisine and generosity of the people. Now the next city we cover in the article is Varanasi the Holy place for hindu community, a spiritual center and a beautiful city with scenic beauty to admire and enjoy.

This was all this article covered but every state has a lot more than just this more than one can even imagine not just by architecture but culture and cuisines as well.

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