Avenue of Wellness: In-Season Produce Guide

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It’s really good to know what’s in season because little does America (or the world) like to tell us, but lots of our grocery produce is STORED. Meaning: not fresh. We are conditioned to believe that having access to every and all kinds of fruits and vegetables throughout the entire year at our fingertips is normal. It’s not a bad thing (I like my apples in the winterrrrr), BUT it may not be in our best interest.

I created this list to hopefully spark some inspiration in your cooking ventures, invite you to try a new fruit or veg, and eat the most tastiest of produce when it’s ripe and ready (nothing beats an in-season peach, BOIIII)!

**DISCLAIMER**: produce availability will vary depending on where you live, but generally you’ll see the same things!

Okay here we go:))



  • chard


  • persimmon


Guess what? It doesn’t really change much! It’s getting too cold for other produce to thrive.

BUT here’s some seasonal fish for good measure;)

  • Grey mullet


Not much in the veg department changes but we’ve got some new fruits!


  • Kiwi

Would absolutely love to know what you’re excited to cook with this list! I’m personally ready to candy some nuts in December!!


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