Are You Affected by Leaky Gut

You are what you digest…

Leaky gut, despite the name does not mean you have to experience digestive symptoms to have it, this syndrome affects the whole body! Everything from headaches, anxiety and acne, to chronic fatigue are all symptoms of having a leaky gut! You can be eating clean, organic and healthy foods daily, but if the small intestine is damaged, you will not be getting the full nutrient potential from your meal and in return you can be feeling an array of unpleasant and negative symptoms that you shouldn’t need to experience.

Leaky gut is a form of intestinal permeability, where the small intestine has become damaged and particles can now leak into the blood stream. These particles, which should have never entered the blood stream are now causing inflammation in the body. Consuming antibiotics, gluten, conventional dairy and refined sugar all contribute to this.

Every Customized Wellness Plan I have ever created revolves around gut health in one way or another. Over 80% of your immune system is found in your intestinal tract, plus almost all of your nutrient absorption happens in the small intestine as well!

When you have inflammation in the small intestine from consumption of trigger foods (which are different for everyone) it leads to nutrient malabsorption.

If you experience low iron and B12 levels, even with supplementation, then this can actually be related to leaky gut. If the small intestine is damaged from inflammatory foods and other stressors then vitamins like B12 and minerals like magnesium and iron cannot be effectively absorbed in amounts needed by the body.

The Symptoms of Leaky Gut

For most, food intolerance’s are the first sign of leaky gut, but there are other symptoms that can also be a red flag for intestinal permeability.

Brain: depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, headaches

Sinus: frequent colds & congestion

Thyroid: hashimotos, hyperthyroid, graves disease

Adrenals: fatigue

Skin: acne, rosacea, eczema

Colon: constipation, diarrhea, IBD, crohn’s, food sensitivities
Joints: arthritis

What to Expect in a “Leaky Gut” Protocol

Our body has the incredible ability of healing itself — when given appropriate timing and the right foods. There are four steps to healing a leaky gut:

1. Remove: inflammatory foods and chemical exposure
2. Replace: enzymes and key nutrients for healthy digestion
3. Restore: microbes and probiotics
4. Repair: with amino acids and other key nutrients to rejuvenate the gut wall lining

How Holisticole can Help

In order to achieve any health goals, you must first start with the gut! This is where the root to all disease begins. If you are reading this post and think having a leaky gut may apply to you then we should meet! If you experience food sensitivities, IBD, autoimmue disease, thyroid problems, malabsoprtion and inflammatory skin conditions then you would benefit from a Customized Leaky Gut Protocol.

Healing the gut benefits the body in more than one way! If you are looking to also improve your mood, increase immunity, reach and maintain a healthy weight and balance your hormones. Then this program would also be right for you!

When you treat the body well, you feel well! Leaky gut can be related to so many different health conditions and symptoms — so let’s get your gut into tip top shape!