Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

We have been led to believe that dairy and more specifically milk, is our main source of calcium in the diet. Holisticole is de-bunking that bogus statement today, whether we learned this from commercials, in grade school or by doctors, it is very common for us to relate milk to calcium, but there ARE better options, even if you consume dairy.

Dairy leaves an acidic residue in the body. When we have acidity in the body we work hard, internally, in order to keep a delicate balance so that we can properly function! In order to rebalance into an alkaline state the body uses minerals like calcium (found in milk) to buffer the acid (created by milk)!

Are people that are allergic to dairy, or don’t consume dairy due to personal preference deficient in calcium? Do these people need to take a calcium supplement?

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, found mainly in the teeth and bones, calcium also has an important role in making the muscles contract. It is a popular supplement for preventing osteoporosis and is recommended that pregnant women also take calcium.. However, what we aren’t being told is that there are other necessary co-factors for building strong bones: Vitamin D3, K2 and Magnesium. Not to mention, if your digestion isn’t prime and if your not even sure which form of calcium you’re taking, you probably have a tummy filled with undigested calcium supplements.

The truth is, it is hard to become deficient in Calcium, since it is found in many foods. We are more likely deficient in Magnesium, and Vitamin D in Canada. There are many studies showing that a calcium supplements can increase the risk of heart attack, why is this?

Calcium and Magnesium need to remain in balance, if you are taking just calcium alone, this makes your heart contract, but you need magnesium to relax, this is where food comes in — instead of supplements. Mother Nature knows we need a balance of minerals in the body, it is much easier for us to metabolize calcium from food sources!