Dealing With Pet’s Emotional Issues Naturally

The extracts of flowers can be prepared and used as a natural remedy for many emotional problems in pets, one of the most common issues pet parents deal with.

Such prepared extracts are known as flower essences or the original version called Bach Flower Remedies. In animals, the emotional, behavioral and physical problems can be dealt with effectively with these flower essences. Some dogs cannot deal with their owner leaving them alone and develop separation anxiety. This is just one example out of the many ailments animals suffer due to mental stress which causes a change in their behavior as well as some other physical problems like diarrhea, asthma etc. By using natural flower essences for pets, their energy balance is restored and helps in improving their physical health.

The Bach flower Remedies are the most popular flower essences. They are a system of 38 Remedies first discovered by Dr. Bach.

The most common one used for pets is called Rescue Remedy which is most often used for pets who have experienced trauma, have fear of thunder and firework, and dislike visits to the Vet and Groomer.

Some people have used Rescue Remedy on their dogs with seizure disorders with much success.

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Besides the Rescue Remedy there are the 38 other Bach Flower Remedies that in different combinations or as singles can help many different emotional imbalances in dogs and cats. These can be used to treat possessiveness, resource guarding, separation anxiety, inter-animal conflicts, obsessive-compulsive behavior, frequent barking, panicking, terror, deep fears certain fears, hyperactivity, jealousy, over-protective, overly-needy, lack self-confidence, inability to learn and anything in between.

It may at first be hard to decide which remedy to choose for your pets behavior, but as you get to know your pets and animals you understand how they feel, you can see the change of attitude if you introduce a new family member to the family and the pet may feel jealous, and therefore need Holly. Or your cat may be very needy for our attention and therefore require Chicory. Some animals dislike anything to do with the car, vet and grooming and may need either Mimulus and or Rescue Remedy. A barking dog may be fearful and lack confidence and may need Mimulus and Larch.

How Does Flower Essence Work

Most behavioral problems are easily resolved by essences and every formulated essence has a deep impact. Whenever our pets fall ill, there is a decrease in their energy levels and when essences are used with other treatment methods it actually helps the animal in getting back its energy levels. They can be easily administered orally, it can be mixed with water or food and at a given time only 3 or drops are more than sufficient. To increase the positive effects of essences, you can spray the essence mixed with water in and around the room or area where the animal frequents, it can even be dabbed on the pet ears and paws. It is safe to use essences as it causes changes only in the pet’s energy levels and does not have any negative side effects. In some cases, it might not show any effect but it will never be harmful to any animal.

We can help solve this problem. Holistic Pet Care is an online site which provides natural alternatives such as colloidal silver for pets and Flower Remedies.

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OUR MISSION: Raising immunity with colloidal silver for dogs and cats and educating about raising a naturally healthy pet without chemicals.

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