Flower Essence To Help Heal Our Pet’s

The very terms health and healing originate from words that mean ‘whole’. So therefore it actually means to be healthy is to be whole. In order to be truly healthy it is necessary to be attuned to and in harmony with nature. It has been shown over the centuries of healing that there is a direct link between plants and animals. It is said that animals make contact within their own essential nature through that essence of plants.

This explains why are flower essences are a powerful ally for your pets to deal with certain health concerns that require rebalancing, repairing and rebuilding. They work on an energetic level very much like homeopathy. The infusions of the flowers carry vibrations that trigger changes in the energy body.

Research shows that use of flower essences for pets are very effective for dogs and cats as they actually respond much better to the treatment even than humans do. The common issues to which your pets are helped with flower essence are fear, restlessness, litter box problems, barking fear-based concerns, aging issues, biting, during euthanasia, etc.

Some companies make alcohol-free remedies, which are marketed specifically for pets or as ‘alcohol free’.

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Holistic Pet Care Herbal Salve — 4 oz

However, one can use readily available flower essences that most of us use at home and in our day-to-day life for treating pets of various health and emotional issues. Rescue Remedy is one of the most common ones. Rescue Remedy is a combination of five different Bach Flower remedies which are very helpful for pets

● Star of Bethlehem -for shock- provides peace

● Rock Rose -for terror and panic- provides peace and fearlessness

● Clematis — for faintness- provides focus

● Impatiens -for undue agitation- provides patience

● Cherry Plum -for hysteria or loss of self-control)=provides calmness and composure

These are a few that help your pet deal with some of the trauma of life.

There is nothing more meaningful than the well-being of our loved ones and as the furry members of our family give us the utmost love -we have to ensure we give them the same amount of love and affection in return. It is evidence enough that natural remedies including herbal remedies and flower essences that often can work much better in many situations than any other prescribed medicines or chemical drugs.
Flower essence should always and only be given for emotional concerns, however. It is high time that pet lovers switch to a holistic approach of healthcare for pets and save conventional veterinary treatment for emergencies and diagnosis, where is most needed. Veterinary care may be needed where there are certain medical conditions or injuries that need diagnosis and emergency treatment.

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OUR MISSION: Raising immunity with colloidal silver for dogs and cats and educating about raising a naturally healthy pet without chemicals.

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